Top Smartphones Offered By Boost Mobile

Nowadays, smartphones are a must.

Everything just seems easier with your smartphone with you and what you need with a smartphone is a reliable network service you can always depend on.

Lucky for Boost Mobile customer, they have a long list of the best smartphones out to choose from. Of course, as smartphones tend to be expensive, you will have to shell out the cash for a much needed and wanted top end smartphone but at least you can get the value of your money through the prepaid network service you get.

Since the launch of the iPhone 5S and 5C, millions of smartphone users wanted to go for an upgrade to the most sought after Apple iPhone to date. Boost Mobile started to offer the latest iPhones since November of 2013 and many Apple fans are happy about this. The iPhone 5S and 5C are offered at $55 a month, which includes unlimited call minutes, text and data. Of course, you still have the option to avail of the not so outdated iPhone 4S if you cannot afford the latest iPhones.

For Samsung lovers, there is news that the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S5 will be first launched on Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Boost is said to start offering the S5 at the 2nd quarter of this year. The S5 will come with support to the Sprint Spark LTE service, which many are excited about. There is still no news about how much the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be sold for but you can also expect a hefty price for such a top end gadget.

For the latest device, the LG Optimus F3 is now available on Boost Mobile. This touch screen smartphone has a 4-inch screen that’s just right for many. The great news is that the price is also very friendly, making it an easy choice of prepaid mobile phone with LTE support. The Optimus F3 may not be a very new smartphone on the Boost Mobile shelf but the deal it is offered now with is very attractive, especially to the younger market.

MotoGMoto G is also offered on Boost Mobile at a very attractive $100 price tag. Other top end smartphones on Boost Mobile’s list are the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Note 3, the BlackBerry 9310, Samsung Galaxy S2 4G, Samsung Galaxy S3 and the HTC One SV. There’s a choice for almost any kind of smartphone from Boost Mobile and with service plans that are affordable with unlimited inclusions, it’s easy not to look elsewhere anymore.

With Boost Mobile handsets, you can now give mobile phones as a gift without giving the recipient anything to worry about bills and contracts. Boost has a nationwide coverage and anyone who receives a Boost Mobile prepaid phone will not have to worry about any activation costs. More and more people are turning into prepaid services because of the convenience it offers. Boost has seen that need grow throughout the years and has made itself ready to accept customers with great service plans and customer service team.

Boost Mobile offers its wireless service through Sprint’s networks so you can expect a nationwide coverage. Some subscribers are also now able to enjoy 4G LTE networks and as Sprint is rolling out the plans to create the most extensive 4G LTE network in the country, Boost subscribers can also expect the same coverage soon.

Boost offers prepaid services for as long as $2 a day with unlimited call time, text messaging, web browsing, email and 411. You can check out other inclusions for extra additional charges on a monthly or daily basis.

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